Marie has been certified as a prosthesis fitter for more than seventeen years. She is a designated provider of Amoena, Trulife and Airway. Marie owned and operated a Lingerie and Mastectomy boutique in British Columbia for ten years before relocating to the Markham area. She now focuses only on Mastectomy products and Professional Bra Fittings.

She believes you can actually enjoy shopping for a new you after lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery and even find just the right European-style bathing suit.

Marie works directly with various hospitals and cancer clinics in the Greater Toronto Area to help breast cancer patients with post-surgery needs. She also actively participates in Breast Cancer Awareness fund raising events.

Live Life To The Fullest

Wherever you go, whatever you do, we can fit an external breast form that gives you the natural silhouette, softness and security you need after breast surgery.

Bras For Every Kind Of Woman

Fashion, active, classic and comfort - we carry a collection of post breast surgery bras designed with every woman in mind. Come in today for an appointment with a certified fitter to find the bra that is right for you.

Get Even With Your Bra

After a lumpectomy or reconstruction, Balance Shapers can help you regain symmetry or adjust evenness even during reconstruction. Balance Shapers slip into a traditional bra to even out your figure in just the right places.

The Importance Of Wearing A Breast Prosthesis

The fitting of a breast prosthesis is not only for aesthetic appearance, it is also a therapeutic measure that replaces the weight of the breast. When fitted with a breast prosthesis that matches in size to the remaining breast, the weight equilibrium of the body is kept in balance. Not wearing a breast prosthesis or wearing one that is heavier or lighter can result in the following:

  • Spinal curvature
  • Shoulder drop
  • Muscle contracture (pain)
  • Balance problems

Financial Issues

Ask us about coverage for breast forms and post surgical bras. Some plans provide assistance.

"Each individual woman's body demands to be accepted on its own terms."

-Gloria Steinem

"The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination."

-Maya Angelou

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